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"Some Things Just Get Better With Age"

After 135 years of looking after the needs of shooters and fisher people in the
Masterton area, King & Henry Ltd is a store with a long line of history.
Not that owner Tony Roseingrave or the team have been there the whole 135
years, just the last 38 years or so!

So, who better to advise you on that next fishing rod or shotgun,
King & Henry Ltd carry all the gear that any hunter, fisho, or camper
could need and they have all your outdoor clothing too!
Be sure to call in and see them soon, or anytime within the next 135 years!

All The Team Are Keen Outdoorsman!

Tony Roseingrave (owner) pictured left- himself is a keen fisherman, shooter and duck hunter.

William Roseingrave (owner/locksmith) - is also a keen fisherman, shooter and duck hunter.

Lindsey Stalker (locksmith) - keen fisherman.

Justin Batt (salesperson) - keen fisherman and shooter.

Greg Hamilton (salesperson) - keen fisherman, especially freshwater fishing and a clay bird shooter.

Lyndsey Stalker


A keen fisherman, Lyndsey has won the Moki 1000 surfcasting.A landbased fishing specialist,he is also a rabbit and deer shooter.


William Roseingrave


An all round keen fisherman and shooter. Will has plenty of experience in the outdoors and enjoys boat based fishing, diving, and deer shooting

Greg Hamilton


Greg is a keen fisherman, especially freshwater, and a keen clay bird shooter. He used to do a lot of deer hunting, and still does some game bird shooting and re-loading

Justin Batt


Justin is a keen fisherman of both surf and rock casting. He is also a keen shooter of many years experience in duck, rabbit, small game and the occasional deer.

Tony Roseingrave


Tony is a keen fisherman and shooter. Pictured here on one of his fishing expeditions.